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Men's Sperm Test Kit: Analyzing Sperm Count and Semen for Male Detection and Fertility Analysis

Men's Sperm Test Kit: Analyzing Sperm Count and Semen for Male Detection and Fertility Analysis

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Male Fertility Test for iPhone and Android Devices:

  • Private Semen Analysis Screening = No Mail-in, No Lab Visit!
  • Reports Motile Sperm Count and Score Quality Ranking
  • Records a Live Video of Your Sperm
  • FDA Cleared, Doctor Recommended, Greater than 97% Accurate
  • Shipped Quickly and Discreetly in Plain Packaging

Included With Our Tests Kit:

YO Version 2.0 WiFi Testing Device, 2 Pipettes, 2 Vials of Liquefaction Powder, 2 Collection Cups, 2 Testing Slides, Power Cable and Accessories, Product Insert.


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Why test your sperm at-home?

Our Semen Analysis Overview: In nearly 50% of infertility cases, men play a significant role. A semen analysis evaluates sperm count (concentration), motility, morphology, and other parameters crucial for conception. The presence of motile sperm is vital for natural pregnancy, as they need to swim to the egg. Our Home Sperm Test examines your motile sperm concentration and sperm quality (Our Score), comparing them to established standards and other fathers' data. Additionally, you'll receive a video recording of your sample, providing visual confirmation alongside your test results. Here's a breakdown of each result and reference ranges:

Result #1: MOTILE SPERM CONCENTRATION We assess if your motile sperm concentration (MSC) falls within the "normal range" of six million motile sperm per milliliter, crucial for successful conception.

Result #2: OUR SCORE Our Score ranks your MSC compared to other fathers, offering insights into your fertility status and enabling you to monitor changes over time.

Result #3: SPERM VIDEO You'll receive a recorded video of your sample, providing clarity and complementing your MSC and Our Score results. Share it with experts, family, or keep it private within the app for personal review.


iPhone | IOS 11 and Above, Android | Android 6 and Above

Note: Not currently compatible with Google Pixel devices running Android 13

Notes: Not for Post Vasectomy Testing.  Smart Device Not Included

Customer Reviews

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I got this sperm kit last year and tested my husband twice he came back at the lowest value. I took the information and made lifestyle changes and now he got a 70 which means he’s above 70% of fathers who got someone pregnant within the previous year I can’t recommend this enough. The information is invaluable.