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Basal Body Thermometer BBT Ovulation Temperature

Basal Body Thermometer BBT Ovulation Temperature

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Digital BBT Ovulation Temperature Thermometer

Our Digital BBT Ovulation Thermometer is perfect for tracking your fertility and predicting ovulation. This highly accurate device is designed to precisely measure your Basal Body Temperature and detect when your most fertile period is, helping you to plan or prevent pregnancy.

Introducing the Inseminmate BBT Thermometer - the ultimate tool for tracking your ovulation cycle when trying to conceive. With its advanced features, the Inseminmate BBT Thermometer makes tracking your basal body temperature (BBT) simple, accurate, and convenient.

Basal Body Thermometer

This thermometer offers multiple temperature measurement methods, including oral, armpit, and rectal measurement, making it versatile and easy to use. With a measurement time of just 60 seconds (or 30 seconds if preferred), you can quickly and efficiently track your temperature each day.

With a memory recall function, the Inseminmate BBT Thermometer remembers your last measurement, allowing you to easily track your progress over time. The fever alarm alerts you if your temperature rises above normal levels, while the beeper alarm lets you know when the measurement process is complete.

Digital BBT Thermometer

Featuring a low battery indicator and dual scale to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit displays, the Inseminmate BBT Thermometer is designed with your convenience in mind. Its auto shut-off function ensures that the device conserves power, while the completely water-resistant design means you can use it with confidence.

When trying to conceive, tracking your basal body temperature is essential to determining the best time for ovulation. The Inseminmate BBT Thermometer makes this process simple and accurate, ensuring that you have the best chance of success in your journey towards parenthood.


Inseminmate is not a licensed medical professional, and the information provided should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any medical information Inseminmate offers is for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Accurate and works great

I’ve really enjoyed using this thermometer, it’s super accurate and has been a huge help in pinpointing my ovulation date. Thankyou!

Works well

Very accurate and still works unlike other brands I've purchased in past ! Thoroughly impressed by the overall products I've got so far from this brand as I'm 6 weeks pregnant this Tuesday:)


temperature is accurate!